May 1, 2018

10 Inviting and Catchy Bathroom Faucet Ideas

10 Inviting and Catchy Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Faucet Ideas

Today, the bathroom becomes a useful and flexible part of the house to do anything inside. With the stunning and inviting design added with the modern appliances, it allows the bathroom coming with multi functions. Many homeowners cover the bathroom as cozy as possible to make them comfort.

Certainly, a comfortable bathroom can be got by applying and installing the great tools with a gorgeous design. Bathtub, vanity mirror, shower are the most important tools that you must have in the bathroom. For all tools, they should attract the homeowners to use them as often as possible.

Meanwhile, you forget the bathroom faucet that has the crucial role in a bath. Having the impressive and modern design is exactly many people’s desire. Choosing the durable material and long-lasting performance is a must for you.

To get this, of course, you have to look for the best products with premium material. As the recommended products, it is better for you to take c that is well-known as the great works.

  1. Deck Mount Bathroom faucets with Diverter

The first gorgeous bathroom faucet is designed by Pure Paletta deck mount from Laura Kirar. Completed with two-handle allows the faucet to get easy in use. It is constructed of solid brass which is unquestionable of reliability and durability for years to come.

2. Waterworks Etoile Wall Mounted Unlacquered Brass Bathroom faucets

The wall-mounted bathroom faucet comes with great water pressure that can reach maximum 85.0 pressure. The measurements for this products are 10 1/4″ x 9″ x 2.9″ with lift and turn handle.


3. Waterworks Aero Bathroom faucets with Ebony Inlay

The deck mounted installation type makes the faucet flushing the water with great pressure. The maximum water pressure is about 85.0 psi and 45.0 psi for water pressure recommended.


4. Luxury Golden Brass Bathroom faucets

The luxurious and futuristic bathroom faucet offers the golden color with majesty design. It comes with single handle faucet that you can install on the deck of the bathtub.


5. Heritage Widespread Double Handle Bathroom faucets

This double handle deck mount is completed with 3 hole sink application. It is constructed of the solid brass for getting the reliability and durability.

6. Victorian Single Handle Bathroom faucet

This practical and elegant Victorian single handle bathroom faucet delivers a drip-free experience for years to come. The installation is easy enough with one hole in the center of the deck. It is fabricated from the highest-quality material that can ensure the long lasting performance.


7. Vintage High-Spout Pished Brass Bridge Bathroom faucet

Coming with charming and lasting beauty makes this product more inviting and impressive to install on the bathtub deck. It offers the Polished Brass finishes to give the traditional style for your bathroom. With widespread style, it provides the double handle and three holes to deliver the highlight for your bathroom in a creative way.


8. Classic Center Double Handle Bathroom faucet

This classic and fashionable bathroom faucet are made from the solid brass with matching finish drain installation. It is so perfect for your bathroom remodel that offers the inviting appliance. The Classic Center bathroom faucet is completed by the double-handle installed on the deck.


9. Bathroom Waterfall Faucet

This waterfalling faucet is really perfect for your bathtub. With very high water pressure, it allows the faucet to flow the water fast into the tub. The faucet is constructed of the durable brass body so that it has long-lasting performance. The single handle offered will not spend much space in installing the faucet.


10. Wall Mount Claw Foot Bathtub Faucet

Polished with brass finishes makes this faucet so luxurious and impressive to be installed in your bathroom. The Victorian style offered adds the majesty and high arch faucet. Actually, the brass is fabricated to get the durability and reliability in its performance. The faucet is also completed with a handheld shower so that it ease you to use it. Installing this featuring faucet for your tub, it will look incredible and unforgettable moment when you are taking a bath.

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