April 30, 2018

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity : From sizing to installation, here’s what to know before you buy.

Whether you’re renovating an existing bath or starting from scratch, selecting a new vanity comes with a unique set of requirements based on your space. We break down what to consider so you can find the right vanity and avoid unwanted installation-day surprises.

Finding the Right Size for your bathroom
Your bathroom floorplan, as well as existing plumbing, are the baselines for determining where the vanity should go and how big it can be. Once you have a spot in mind, determine the ideal measurements.
Width: Check that existing elements like doorways and built-ins will be able to open properly.
Depth: Leave enough space for traffic lanes so protruding corners won’t catch you. If you’re insetting a vanity into an alcove, this is equally as important as width for a clean finish.
Height: Factor in faucet height if you have existing medicine cabinets, mirrors, or light fixtures.

Number of Sinks : Single or double Bathroom vanities
The max width of the vanity will be the first judge as to how many sinks you can have: 48 inches is the common threshold for two sinks, though it’s sometimes possible to fit both in smaller sizes. If you’re near that mid-range, consider how much counter space you’d like, as adding a sink will diminish the usable surface.






Choosing a Style of Bathroom sink
With your measurements set and search narrowed, it’s time to think about the details, including sink types, materials, and whether a backsplash or faucet is included.
Sinks are almost always included with the vanity and come in four main styles:
Undermount: Installed underneath the counter for a seamless top.
Vessel: Sits on top of the counter; available in a variety of shapes including bowl and square.
Drop in: Top mounted so the edges rest on the counter but the basin is inset.
Integrated: The countertop includes the sink itself in one continuous piece.

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