May 4, 2018

How to Choose the Right Shower Enclosure

How to Choose the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Space

When designing a bathroom, it is important to consider two factors: your wants and the space. The size of the space you are working with will often determine what elements you can include in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Shower enclosure Solutions

In a small bathroom, you need to utilize every square inch of space. Corner shower enclosures placed on the wall opposite the door work well in small square or rectangular spaces. Often in a small bath it is ideal to install a shower/tub combination.
A curved or neo angled enclosure allows for the best flow of traffic around the shower. If you prefer a larger shower, look for shower doors that slide or fold.
Sliding and folding doors do not open outward into the bathroom, taking up less space.





Small Bathroom Layouts

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, here are three layouts that will help maximize a small space. One important note to make: it is ideal for small bathroom doors to open outward, rather than into the space, so there is one less obstacle to navigate around.

Square bathrooms present a challenge, and often it is ideal to place fixtures on opposite walls. A corner shower helps save even more floor space.

If a door divides the bathroom in half, it is best to keep the toilet and sink on one wall, while the shower or tub/shower combination is on the other wall.

Tip! In small baths, pedestal sinks take up less floor space, but they offer less storage space. You should determine which is more important to you before beginning the remodeling process.

Skinny bathrooms benefit from placing all fixtures (toilet, sink, and shower/tub) along one wall, leaving a path for traffic along the opposite wall. Ideally, the bathroom door opens outward into the adjoining room, rather than into the bathroom to save space.

Large Bathroom Shower enclosure Solutions

A large space gives you more freedom to choose the design elements and fixtures you want for your shower enclosure.
We suggest a large, rectangular shower to match the scale of your space.

Also, in large bathrooms, it is common to find the tub and shower separated.

In a big bathroom, you are not limited by space saving concerns, so choose the shower enclosure and door styles that suit your design tastes best.




Large Bathroom Layouts

If you are remodeling your large bathroom, your options are nearly endless. From luxurious elements to double vanities to spacious showers.

Separate Sinks

If the entry door is located in the middle of the bathroom, one genius idea is to split the sinks on either side of the door. This gives each person their own private vanity.


In a narrow bathroom, it is best to separate elements to different sides of the room. A double vanity and the toilet occupy one side, while a bath tub and a shower are set up on the other wall. This allows you to have all the amenities you would like in your bathroom.


In an extra-roomy bathroom, you might consider adding seating, like a tufted ottoman, for a touch of extravagance.


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