April 10, 2016

How to fix your toilet ?

My toilet constantly sounds like it’s running. Is there anything I can do to fix it ?

Yes but it just depends on what’s going on.
If you’ve ever opened your toilet tank, you’ve probably seen a metal or plastic ball resting on the top of the water. This is called the float, and it governs how high the toilet fills. If the float is cracked, water will seep inside and the ball won’t be able to sit above the water. As a result, the toilet can overfill and water can leak into the overflow tube, creating an endless cycle of filling and draining that will wreak havoc on your water bill. Sometimes, fixing the float just involves bending the metal arm it is attached to so the float sits on top of the water.

In newer toilets, the float rides up and down in a plastic tube. While these are generally more durable than float arms, occasionally the ball will get stuck on grit or debris and may need to be moved manually a few times to remove the obstacle.

If that’s still not the case, you probably have a leaky flapper valve. The flapper valve is located at the bottom of the toilet tank and is generally pretty easy to replace. But if you don’t know howto do it, contact us.

At Emergency Plumbery we have been confronted to all sort of toilet troubles. We know how to fix toilet in St Maarten.

So if you have any of these troubles, contact us. Our plumbers in St Maarten will come at an appointment of your convenience. So contact us NOW to fix your toilet  :

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