April 10, 2016

Is there anything I shouldn’t put down my toilet ?

You really shouldn’t put ANYTHING down your toilet, except what’s supposed to go down there.
Avoid putting in things like :

  • Baby wipes, napkins, facial tissue or paper towels. While these will flush fine, they don’t break down the way toilet tissue does and will cause clogs or damage your septic system,
  • Sanitary products or diapers,
  • Q-tips, cotton balls or dental floss,
  • Hair,
  • Food scrap,
  • Small toys,
  • Cat litter

At Emergency Plumbery we have been confronted to all sort of clogged situations. We know how to deal with clogged toilet in St Maarten.

So if you have any of these troubles, contact us. Our plumbers in St Maarten will come at an appointment of your convenience. So contact us NOW to fix your clogged toilet  :

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