We have access to a large selection of stops, drains and plugs :

  • Bath drain trap component :

bath drain sopper quick cover in venetian bronze bath drain stopper quick cover in brushed nickel universal quick cover up bath drain stopper





  • Kitchen strainer :

duostrainer kitchen sink strainer in vibrant stainless manual sink strainer in virbant polished nickel





  • Shower part :

brass cleanout plug





  • Plug :

2 inches test ball plug bathtub drainstopper polished brass gripper plastic mechanical test plug lavatory sink stopper plastic tub pop stop rubber stopper in white test plug hose












  • Other strainers :

3 inches in deep cup bar strainer in chrome 4 inches sink strainer in vibrant brushed nickel 4 inches sink striner with tailpiece in polished chrome 4.5 inches in plumber specification strainer in stainless steel 4.5inches stainless steel standard post strainer duostrainer sink strainer empire fit all stainless steel sink strainer kitchen sink flange and strainer in champagne bronze kitchen sink style antique copper

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