December 5, 2016

Swimming pool Solar Heating

What is the advantage to solar pool heat? It’s free! Can’t beat that. It is also very easy for DIY types. For less than the cost of a conventional pool heater, consider that being your only expense for years, while extending your swimming season by months. 85 degree pool in October? No problem. For free! With all this talk about the whole green movement, and the use and depletion of our natural resources, it makes sense to not only consider, but utilize solar heat for swimming pools. Shop Now EVERYTHING for your Pool with Poolcenter.

With a trip online you buy a DIY Solar panel kit, you can have free heat in a matter of hours. For years to come. Even if you already have a gas heating system, or heat pump, connecting a solar pool heating system will not only save you hundreds of dollars per season, it is also silent, effective and free. Solar is the wave of the future, hop on!

Environmentally Responsible Solar Pool Heating Will not crack, rot, rust, corrode, chip, become brittle, or disintegrate
Able to withstand steam, bleach, ultraviolet, ozone, flexion, and abrasion.

Be the First to produce a modular solar pool heating system in your neighborhood!

Shop Now EVERYTHING for your Pool with Poolcenter.

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