POOLCENTER.com began as a local pool service company in 1988 as Cox Pool & Spa Services serving the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area (including Northern Virginia and Maryland).

POOLCENTER.com went on-line in January 1996, essentially establishing one of the very first websites for pool owners and users providing clear and accurate information on pool topics, competent technical support, exceptional customer support/service, and quality swimming pool products at a fair and competitive price to customers worldwide. POOLCENTER.com’s award winning pool technical support is provided by Blue Thumb, LLC.

POOLCENTER.com is now a fast growing online pool store taking pride in its more than 100 years of combined pool technical experience, hundreds of pool related online articles on all pool related topics, an online Pool Community “Community Pool” (first of its kind), and still able to find all those hard to locate parts that, if not found, could eventually turn your pool water green from lack of filtration/circulation. POOLCENTER.com products ship from various locations around the United States to various locations around the world.

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